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Last Updated: June 2, 2003

Memories from Penn
Craig Masback

Chief Executive Officer of the USATF & Princeton grad

"The first time I attended and/or ran the Penn Relays was in 1972, my junior year of high school. I had the flu but insisted on running with our 4x400 relay. After what seemed an endless time in the paddock, we were lined up against the wall of the stands as the races ahead of us proceeded.

Some guy leaned over the rail waiving a wad of bills and said, "Hey White Plains, I have a big bet going on you." He, no doubt, remembered the great White Plains team of 1966, which won two Championship of America races in one day.

Not long after, someone dressed in maroon and blue, the colors of the University of Pennsylvania, came over to me and said, "Coach Tuppeny is watching you." As I didn't know who "Coach Tuppeny" was, it didn't make me nervous that the Coach of the University of Pennsylvania, Jim Tuppeny, might care how I ran my race. I think I had a split in the high 50s or low 51s, no doubt throwing cold water on Coach Tuppeney's interest and certainly losing the bet for my friend in the stands."